Bushfire Quilt Project – Free Star Quilt Block Patterns

This is in response to campfollowerbaglady‘s Bushfire Quilt Project on Flickr. She’s collecting 12 1/2″ star blocks with light colored backgrounds that she will assemble into quilts for the people of Victoria, Australia, who are so tragically affected by the bush fires.

Since her address is an APO, those of us from the United States can mail to her at a regular rate, not overseas rate. Please, if you have a few minutes to spare to put together a star quilt block or two, think about participating in this group.

So if you’re looking for easy star blocks, here are a couple of simple patterns. Also be sure to check out the next couple of patterns I posted here.

Friendship Star
Friendship Star

Variable Star Flying Geese
Variable Star using Flying Geese

Variable Star HST
Variable Star using Half Square Triangles

Dimensional Variable Star
Dimensional Variable Star using One Seam Flying Geese


New Free Pattern Links

I just added two free pattern links to the Quilting Resources page. If you haven’t checked out this page before, you’ll want to take a few minutes to check it out. It’s loaded with links to pages and pages of free patterns, as well as other useful information. The two links I added are to the Red Rooster Fabrics free pattern pages.
Red Rooster Fabrics – current
Red Rooster Fabrics – archive


Hah! I knew that word would get you! That word has been responsible for me turning my car around more times than I can count. It’s even better than “SALE”!

I’ve updated the Quilting Resources page, so be sure to check it out. It’s full of links to great quality free patterns and some of my favorite shopping sites. It’s always available – there’s a link at the top of my blog – and I’ll keep adding to it as I find stuff that’s worthy.