Bushfire Quilt Project – Free Star Quilt Block Patterns

This is in response to campfollowerbaglady‘s Bushfire Quilt Project on Flickr. She’s collecting 12 1/2″ star blocks with light colored backgrounds that she will assemble into quilts for the people of Victoria, Australia, who are so tragically affected by the bush fires.

Since her address is an APO, those of us from the United States can mail to her at a regular rate, not overseas rate. Please, if you have a few minutes to spare to put together a star quilt block or two, think about participating in this group.

So if you’re looking for easy star blocks, here are a couple of simple patterns. Also be sure to check out the next couple of patterns I posted here.

Friendship Star
Friendship Star

Variable Star Flying Geese
Variable Star using Flying Geese

Variable Star HST
Variable Star using Half Square Triangles

Dimensional Variable Star
Dimensional Variable Star using One Seam Flying Geese



  1. Thanks for the patterns. With the help of your tutorials I’ve made my first-ever Friendship Stars, two of them, and want to try the Dimensional Variable Star with the cool flying geese units next. This is a terrific way for a newbie to push herself (myself); I can learn new skills AND do some good at the same time! The blocks won’t be perfect, but as Grandma used to say, “There’s love in every stitch!”

  2. Thank you all for your gifts of quilt blocks. The generosity of Quilters world wide never ceases to amaze me.
    I have just made a quilt each for two family friends who lost both their homes and pets in the resent victorian Australian, bush fires. These families thank all of you, very, very much.

    • The blocks on this page are based on either a 3 grid or 4 grid. 10″ blocks generally work on a 5 grid. While it is possible to convert them, it means you’ll have very odd sized patches. You have a couple of options. First, you can make the 3 grid blocks so they finish at 9″, then add a 1/2″ background border all the way around. (The 4 grid blocks would finish at 8″ and you could add 1″ on each side.) Second, you could just find a 5 grid star – there are a few available, including the Sister’s Choice block (I have a quilt using this block on the Patterns page.) Third, you can resize them and just deal with the odd sizes.
      For 3 grid blocks (the Friendship Star), cut your corner and center squares at 3 7/8″ and cut your HST squares at 4 1/2″. Sew the HST units, then trim to 3 7/8″ and assemble the block. (7/8″ is actually 1/16″ larger than it should be, but it’s difficult to cut in 16th inch increments, and I think most people tend to sew their blocks slightly smaller than they should, so this should work out.)
      For 4 grid blocks (the Variable Star with Flying Geese) the measurements are easier. Cut your corner squares at 3″, your center at 5 1/2″, the flying geese large square at 6 1/4″ and the flying geese small squares at 3 3/8″. If you prefer the Half Square Triangle version, cut the HST squares at 3 1/2″ (or 4″ if you like a little more wiggle room), sew the HST units and trim to 3″.

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