String Theory


I’ve finally resumed work on my string quilt for the Summer Stash Challenge. Yesterday I completed 20 blocks, and today I worked on another dozen. I have to make eight more 8 1/2″ blocks, then about twenty 9 1/2″ blocks, and then I can put it together. I’m foundation piecing them on muslin and the muslin squares are already cut, so I can see how far I have to go. One thing I like about this project is that it allows me to reacquaint myself with my stash. I scan through it and grab bright, colorful pieces, zip off a strip or three, and stack the remainder on my Little Gracie II. I’m amazed at the different fabrics I have, and I keep seeing pieces that I want to pull for other projects. I’ve managed to restrain myself so far because I’m determined to finish this string quilt before I start another project. That’s unusual for me – I’m not a finisher.

The down side to all of the stash browsing is the giant pile of fabrics that need to be put back on the shelf.
Fabric Explosion

Actually, only about a third of the fabrics in this photo are from the string quilt. The remainder either never made it to the shelf to start with, were pulled for photos of my “baggable” fabrics, or were considered for the Basket Case quilt that my mom is working on. Trouble is, we have family coming on Sunday for a backyard gathering, and I have to have the basement cleaned up before then. I just can’t bring myself to stuff everything on the shelves willy-nilly. No, I have to sort everything by color and place it in the proper location on the shelf. Of course, that’s going to lead to thinning of the stash, since I really don’t have room to make it all fit. And that means that my one hour basement cleaning project will take closer to five hours.


Still, it makes me happy to look at the strips waiting to be sewn into more string blocks. All that scrappy, scrambled goodness! It’s like candy, but without the guilt.



  1. Good to see you working on the stash challenge quilt! After you have finished it, you can fold the stash neatly away for the weekend and be pleased. It should leave you hungry for the next quilt when you see the stash with new eyes arranging your fabrics by colour. We all support you to finish this one before Sunday!

  2. I see Ulla has already said it better than I ever could. All I can do is babble over how beautiful you fabrics are looking together! I am just imagining the quilt sandwich there on the quilting machine. I hope you get a chance to finish it! You can do it!

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