Oh, my stomach is churning. Nerves, you know. I just created an Etsy account and listed the Neapolitan quilt pattern for sale. Why does this make me so nervous? I don’t want to shove my Etsy stuff down everyone’s throat, so I’ll just mention it here and then drop the subject. Except, of course, if I actually sell something, and then I’ll have to come crow about it just a little.

The pink and brown butterflies aren’t the only ones fluttering around in my belly. I also have job butterflies – big ugly black ones with beaks and scary red eyes on their wings. And claws. Talons. Hey, they’re my butterflies, they can have talons if they want! My cousin’s workplace is looking for temporary assemblers, so I applied, interviewed, and toured the facility. It isn’t difficult work, and the people seem nice, but it is SO not what I’m familiar with. The pay is adequate, although I have to drive to Madison, about an hour each way. That’s a big deal when you’re accustomed to a 13 minute commute. It certainly isn’t what I want to do for the rest of my life, but right now I need the money and it’s a perfectly respectable job. I’m nervous about doing something new, though. That’s always been difficult for me. Not change, but doing something with which I have no experience. I hate feeling stupid. I’ve avoided a lot of things because of this, and I’m trying to force myself past it. I will know if I get the job in the next couple of days, I think. They sent me to a local clinic for a pre-employment drug test and physical, and once they get the results, they’ll let me know. The drug test isn’t a problem – geez, I’ve never even had a full glass of wine or smoked so much as a cigarette my whole life! The doc told me I passed the physical, too.

Finally, I signed up with ANOTHER employment agency today. They also said the jobs were slow to come in, but thought that it would pick up as the college kids went back to school and employers started looking for help. I’d take temp work right now, just to stay in the area. I figure I could take a job in town that paid $2 per hour less than the one in Madison and still come out about the same. My car gets decent gas mileage, but that’s still a lot of driving.


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