Deadlines unmet

I’ve completed all 82 blocks and 28 triangles for my Summer Stash Challenge string quilt, but I don’t think I’ll have the whole thing finished by the end of August.

string blocks

So why won’t I finish it in the next two days? Well, tomorrow I have a job interview in the middle of the day, I have to clean up the basement, including sorting and putting away a ton of fabric, and Sunday we’re having a family picnic at our house.

My job interview tomorrow is with a local dinner theater/restaurant for a hostess position. It’s completely out of the blue because I had applied a month ago for an office position. I’ve never done that sort of work before, although to be honest I’d certainly like to work there. It’s about as upscale as restaurants get where I live, and I’m definitely a foodie. I love to try new things, and they have a very interesting menu. I’ve eaten there a few times, and I’ve attended a couple of shows that were wonderful. I would enjoy being a part of it all. I’m concerned about the wage and the lack of experience, but hey, I’ve accepted a temporary assembly job an hour’s drive away and this job could pay $2 an hour less and it would still come out ahead.

You know, I’d almost welcome a job that’s completely different from the office work I’ve been doing for the past 20 years. I don’t know how much of that is frustration at not finding a job, and how much is a little bit of a broken spirit from the way the last job ended. Of course, a little of it is just boredom.

As for the assembly job, I start Tuesday. Not thinking about it, not thinking about it, not thinking about it…



  1. Great work on the blocks – I dream of having a stash that big and varied! Beautiful fabrics, and great combinations.

    Best of luck with the assembly job, and I hope the interview went well.

  2. These blocks are so cute. I’ve never worked with anything smaller than 2 1/2 in strips before but I’m gonna try it – Thank you 🙂 And, hey sweetie, don’t let anything or any body “break your spirit”. I totally understand, I left a job w/o notice because the owner/boss turned from a great guy into a mean tyrant. He had drug problems none of us realized and it culminated with him screaming at me to “GET OUT” because I asked a question. I had already gathered my stuff ahead of time because I knew it was a possibility because of his erratic behavior but -WoW! Do you know he & his wife even had the gall to be mad because I didn’t give 2 wks notice!? I too was shattered and sent into a tail spin. I know dealing with the public can be tough, I can and have dealt with that, and these people said they were Christians! It took me awhile but I surfaced. Lol. You sound perky and full of life. Don’t let anything stop you. 🙂

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