A Little Sass

I received my mini quilt from jgmehlin today! This is from the Swap Til You Drop Flickr group, and the quilt is absolutely gorgeous!

A Little Sass

Even the back is pretty…

A Little Sass back

The quilt alone is fantastic, but Julie sent several other items, including a little notebook with a quilt on the cover, some divine smelling tea, Tequila Sunrise chocolates by Lindt, and a roll of caramel hard candies (sorry, the chocolate’s gone already!).

A Little Sass and a Lot of Goodies

As usual, a quilt cannot enter the house without at least one of the cats inspecting it thoroughly. Buttercup did the honors today. This is the first photo I took of the quilt – I had to move her three times to get a clear photo.

A Little Snoop

Thank you Julie – everything is wonderful! Your quilt is the first to go on my wall and I plan to add many minis to it!



  1. This is beautiful! I love all the vibrant colors and the way your eye flows from section to section due to the way you placed the oranges and purples. Outstanding!

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