2009 Family (and Friends) Basket Quilt Along

As I’ve mentioned before, our family gets together, along with a few friends, once a month to sew and gab (or, as we sometimes refer to it, “stitch and bitch”). Last year we decided to do a Block of the Month featuring stars. Each month one of us chose a star block and I wrote up instructions for making it in the 12″ size that we had decided upon. We finished the BOM (at least, SOME people finished the BOM – mine is only half finished) and took a little break while our stitch & bitch sessions become more of a shop hop session for a couple of months in a row. Last month we decided it was time to start a new Block of the Month and we chose baskets for our theme. We’re doing it a little differently this year since the number of basket blocks is considerably more limited than the number of star blocks. I’ve found a bunch of basket blocks (say that three times fast!) and I’ll just choose each month’s block from that group.

We agreed that it would be nice to share the blocks with others, so I’m posting each month’s basket pattern on this blog. I’ll link to the patterns on the sidebar. Each pattern is available in a single sheet PDF that will have an illustration of the block as well as at least one blank block to color in. It will have all of the cutting and sewing instructions you need to complete the block.

As I’ve noted before, I’m a notorious procrastinator. That said, I will have the blocks posted no later than the second Saturday of each month. We generally meet on the first Saturday, although sometimes other plans get in our way.

I’d love to hear from you if you decide to join us! Here are the blocks. You can download the PDF instructions by clicking on the block.

Block 1 is the same block I used in the Basket Case pattern.
Block 1

And this is block 2. It’s actually easier than block 1, but I was in a hurry to get the first block ready for everyone so I started with one that was already mostly written.
Block 2


2 thoughts on “2009 Family (and Friends) Basket Quilt Along

  1. I downloaded blocks 1-5 and 12 but can’t seem to find blocks 6-11.
    I want to make sure that I have all of them before I begin. I love basket blocks and made one quilt thru my local BOM. Thank you for sharing your beautiful blocks!

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