Cats do the darndest things, Part 102

I helped Mom flip her mattress tonight, and just as we lifted it up (end over end, not side to side), Buttercup jumped on the bed. We slid the mattress off the bed and raised it up so it was perpendicular to the floor. Buttercup climbed it as it rose, finally perching at the very top. Then we picked it up and placed the bottom of the mattress back on the bed, tilting it down the other way. Through the entire procedure, Buttercup clung and scrambled so she wouldn’t be thrown off the mattress.

Silly cat.



  1. Archie scales the ladder whenever I bring it out. He can’t get down without falling all over the place, but it doesn’t prevent him from climbing back up. They’re wacky, and that’s why we love them!

  2. Hi Sandi, I am a quilter from Vienna, Austria and read your blog since beginning 2009. Quilts and cats belong together. My two cats, “Stubentiger” are black and leave their hair on all things. Tey love my quilts. You can see a photo in my flickr account.

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