Comment Update

I’ve added a “Current Comment Count” on the left side of the screen. It doesn’t update automatically, so I’ll change it every day or so. I reviewed the comments and removed a few that were not actually comments, just trackbacks and pingbacks from links that I’d posted.

I have to say, it’s great to see the comments. I’ve had comments from all over – Sri Lanka, Sweden, Austria, India, the UK, not to mention all across the US from Minnesota, New York, California, Arizona, and Georgia – and that’s all in the last month!

… and I’m updating to add a few more locations. There’s Canada, and the Netherlands, and Australia…

(Wouldn’t it be fun to visit all of these places?!)


8 thoughts on “Comment Update

  1. How cool to have comments from all over. When I first read the locations and saw Minnesota, I thought “hey cool, that’s me!” but then realized after 2 years, I’m still not used to living in New York. Oh well.

  2. Hi, I am not vending at Quilt Expo in Madison. I thought about it but didn’t have enough vacation time saved up to take the time away from my day job. I will be at the Madison show on Saturday taking a class from Ann Lullie in the afternoon. Will you be there?

  3. That makes 2 from Australia.
    Enjoy reading your blog too.
    Love the basket patterns. Hmmm. Do I have time to start another project featuring them????

Thank you for sharing your thoughts! I try to reply to every comment, but sometimes it takes a few days. And sometimes, well... it has been known to drop off the radar. I'm easily distracted by shiny things.

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