Dumb Mistakes

Last night I made dinner on the grill. I went to the farmer’s market in the morning and picked up some fingerling potatoes, garlic and corn on the cob. We had cauliflower already, and defrosted a couple of pork chops. It was delicious, but the cauliflower wasn’t quite as cooked as I would have liked it. I tried to turn the grill back on, but the electronic ignition (commonly known as “the clicker” in our house) didn’t work so I took it inside and finished it on the stove.

This morning we went out to take pictures of a quilt for a pattern cover (not my design, just one I wrote out for a local quilt shop). As we’re fiddling with it on the line, I said, “Do you smell gas?”

Yep. When I couldn’t get the grill to click, I left the gas on. All night.

Lucky I didn’t blow us up.



  1. Does it make you feel any better knowing I’ve done the same thing? Fortunately I had the same lucky outcome!

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