Welcome, CyberQuilters

When I checked my stats this morning, I found a surge in hits – as in quadruple the normal number I’ve been seeing! The reason was that someone posted about my blog on a Yahoo Group called CyberQuilters. I joined the group to see what it was all about, and I’m really impressed with it – lots of well organized info and friendly quilters from all over the world.

But… no comments! So ladies and gentlemen from CyberQuilters, drop me a line to say hello. You may notice a few posts down from here that I’m trying to reach 500 comments so I can do a giveaway. (Actually two giveaways, one for the 500th commenter, and a drawing that starts after I get 500 comments.) Help us out!

Also, here are a couple of quick hints about finding useful stuff on my blog. First, the right column has all of the PDF links to my free patterns, both blocks and even one full quilt. I have to add some more soon…

You can also check out the tabs at the top of the page. “Quilting Resources” is a page full of useful links, including pages and pages of patterns from fabric manufacturers, mostly free. And for those who have machine quilting frames (like my Little Gracie II), the “Frame Quilting” page will tell you all about the troubleshooting steps I went through before I could get my “monster in the basement” to work. Now I love it!

Thanks for visiting, and I hope to hear from you!



  1. Hi Sandi,
    Nice blog. I downloaded the freezer paper paper piecing technique. I’m thinking about a new paper piecing project and might use this technique.
    Linda J in GA

  2. Wow, I go on vacation and when I return, you have a whole new look! Love it!
    Now I have to catch up on what you’ve been up to!

  3. Love your site and I want to thank you for your “Quilting Resources” it let me find a site I lost. The Quilter’s Cache, found it ages ago and then could not remember the name. Again thanks

  4. Love your blog, thanks for keeping it up!
    I love cyber quilters, so many good links, and I noticed your intro, welcome again.

  5. Hi, saw your site on cyberquilters and enjoying exploring your site. I could sit in your book corner for hours and be content. I read constantly too. I have narrowed it “down” to – quilting, knitting, non fiction, fiction, cooking and Christian anything – lol. I keep running out of space for books and fabric. Currently downsizing quilt magazines I”ve collected since the early 60’s-what a job! I’m ripping out and filing and I have boxes to file…but I am making room for more stash!
    Janice – Indiana

  6. Love the new look to your blog! Glad more people are getting a chance to be inspired by you!

  7. Love your basket patterns. For some reason I’ve been having trouble finding any. I’ll be back to look at yours.

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