It’s gonna be a star!

Okay, so that’s overstating a bit, but I AM making a quilt for our upcoming show. (Quick reminder – I work at a dinner theater/restaurant.) We’re doing Nunsense, and the show takes place on a borrowed Grease set. The bed (from the “Look at Me I’m Sandra Dee” scene) needed a comforter “or something.” I offered to make a quilt for it, as long as I got the quilt back. We think it’s a standard twin size bed, but I’ve added a few borders so I can tweak the size if necessary. The set designer makes a small scale model of the set and he illustrated a pink and white patchwork sort of quilt, so I dug through my stash and brought a few possibilities in to work. This is what we’ve decided on:

Nun 1

Pretty, hmmm? I’m going to try to get the center finished this weekend, since the first show is in just two weeks!

… and does anyone out there see my pun? Quilters? I’ll give you a hint – it has to do with the block.


5 thoughts on “It’s gonna be a star!

  1. I love those stars! I have been looking at lots of star quilt pictures lately, think I’m getting in the mood to do one myself.

    I didn’t know that was a sister’s choice–but I did know they were stars, at least. 🙂

  2. You got it, Libby! The block is called Sister’s Choice, which I think is particularly appropriate for a quilt used in a show called Nunsense. Or maybe I’m just odd.

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