Simple… and NOT

I have a couple of projects in the works. Actually, one is my mom’s project, but I designed it in EQ6 for her and then wrote out the pattern. It’s titled “Pauline” because Mom is making the quilt for an old friend named – you guessed it – Pauline. Mom’s actually making two quilts – one for Pauline and one for her husband, Dan. They’re having a party in October to celebrate an anniversary, birthday and retirement. We haven’t seen them in a few years, which is just pitiful because they’re only about a hundred miles away. Anyway, the Dan quilt is completely pieced, and she just has to quilt it. It’s in browns and blues, solid fabrics, made from half log cabin blocks. She found the pattern in a Marti Michell log cabin book, and it’s just gorgeous. I’ll post photos as soon as it’s finished.

The Pauline quilt top is almost done. She wanted something a little more modern, and she liked the aquas and greens and creams that I pulled for her. The dark brown – what, sashing? frames? – grounded it nicely. Here’s the EQ6 illustration:


Mom just has to put on another border and it will be ready for quilting. The finished top looked almost identical to the illustration.

Now for my project – if I have the courage. A year ago I came up with an idea for a wallhanging or table topper for the holiday season. I named it “Christmas Cactus” and I really loved it, but, well, it’s made of 900 1 1/2″ squares. Actually, that isn’t true. It’s made of 748 1 1/2″ squares and 152 1 1/2″ half square triangles. And they all have to be placed just so. I just couldn’t bring myself to actually make the darn thing, so it languished in my EQ6 folder.

Last weekend I went to the Wisconsin Quilt Expo, and I saw the cutest holiday figures. There were scarecrows and witches and ghosts and Santas. They were made from little squares, just like my Christmas Cactus, and they fitted over PVC pipe or cardboard tubes. How clever! Unfortunately, they were all out of the patterns so I put my name on a mailing list. In another booth, however, they had the smaller version for cardboard tubes, and they demoed how to make them. AND THEY USED GRIDDED FUSIBLE INTERFACING!!! We had gridded interfacing at home! I could use this for my Christmas Cactus! I’m so excited!!!

It’s still 900 squares.

Christmas Cactus

But it’s so pretty…



  1. i have eq6 that i have only used for one quilt but you are slowlly convincing me to give it another gol enjoying your blog. thanks

  2. I can definitely see that on the gridded interfacing and it would be sooo easy. I’ve done the snowman and Santa that way.

    The Pauline quilt is lovely.

  3. You can do it Sandi! I challange you! May the “C” quilt rock on (our favorite at the Quilt Expo). And would you know it? My camera works!

  4. The pattern is beautiful! A ton of work but I am sure that it will be worth it in the end! Just make sure that your “cup” stays full of patience!
    Good luck! and Have fun!

  5. Thoughts on Simple and Not…It’s gorgeous! I love this and plan to do this pattern for one of my next projects. Tell Mom she did a fantastic job!

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