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Mom finished the Pauline quilt, and I think it’s gorgeous. I need some help convincing her, though – she’s not thrilled with it. Here’s the front:


And the back:

Pauline Back

I love the little bits of brown on the back, with all of that white!

Now, something to understand about my mom. She is a finisher (where I am a starter). She finishes things even if she hates them, because it’s not in her to quit halfway through. So she plugged away on this quilt even though the colors did NOT speak to her. I admit, I had a big part of the fabric picking, BUT she wanted something modern. She said while she was working on it that she didn’t like that yellow-green color, but she decided to enjoy the process even if she wasn’t fond of the product. I’m giving her major props (yes, I’m such a dork that I’ll use that phrase) for stepping outside her comfort zone. It’s something she feels she needs to work on so she’s actively trying new things.

So how about it? Mom reads the blog, so let her know what you think!

By the way, if you’re interested in making this quilt yourself, you can download a PDF of the pattern – it’s also on the Patterns page.



  1. I think it’s just beautiful!!! I love both the piecing of the piece and the final quilting.

    I just finished my first machine quilting class (2 evenings of blood, sweat and tears!) and can truly appreciate how much effort went into this, especially if the colours weren’t your favourite. Yay “mom”!!!

  2. It looks great! I love the yellow/green with the blues and LOVE the bits of brown. Love the whole thing.

    Your mom deserves MAJOR props for seeing it through even though she wasn’t feelin’ it. Can she sprinkle some of that ‘seeing it through’ fairy dust over my way? šŸ˜‰ EXTRA bonus points for stepping outside her comfort zone. We could all stand to do more of that.

    Seriously, tell your mom that even if she’s not feelin’ it for the quilt, the rest of the world will for her. This quilt will not go unloved. And, her beautiful work will not go unappreciated either. YAY MOM!

  3. It is absolutely stunning. Your mom has done such an incredible job. She should be very proud of herself. I love the colour combination and the backing. I just pulled out an UFO from 2 years ago that your mom could help me with.

  4. Oh man, she doesn’t like it, really? I’ve been in love with this since I saw the EQ6 mock up on flickr! I love the colors and the layout is perfect! If it’s looking for a home, you can pack it up and send it to me šŸ˜›

  5. It is absolutely beautiful Joanne! I can’t wait to see it in person as pictures never do any quilt justice!

  6. I’m so glad your mother doesn’t like it but she finished it anyway… You see, I’m a finisher too.

    I’m in the same position. I’m halfway through the quilting on a circle quilt and I REALLY wish I’d chosen different fabrics.

    But if mine looks as good as this one does, then I’ll be happy. (By the way, I think that the little slivers of brown absolutely make this quilt. It pulls the whole thing together.)

  7. I love the quilt. I desperately want to be a finisher, I’m a starter in the worst way. I think the quilt is very graphic and modern. I would be proud to have this quilt in my home.

  8. I’m a dork myself, so props to Mom! I think it looks great–like a Mondrian painting.

    I happen to LOVE those colors, but I totally understand about stepping outside your color comfort zone, because I’m not very good at doing that. I go so far as to deliberately buy fabrics that aren’t “my” colors, but then they languish on my shelves as I pass them by for my favorites.

  9. I LOVE it !!!! Those colurs are just beautiful!!!! I’m going to download the pattern so I can make it. Good on your Mom for being a finisher. I’ve finished 3 quilts in the last week, however still have at least 6 in progress.

  10. The quilt is fabulous! I love the brown and the blues together. I can see the difficulty with the green but I also see how nicely all the colors really do work together. The pattern is awesome. I will bookmark the pattern for starting sometime in the future. Right now I am practicing being a finisher! šŸ™‚

  11. I love it. It’s got a bit of a nostalgia factor for me — the pattern and colors remind me of the stained glass windows in the church I went to as a kid.

  12. I love this quilt! The pattern is interesting and the colors are superb! I give it an A+. As a matter of fact, I’m printing it off right now to take on a quilt retreat with me this weekend.

  13. Awesome quilt and I love the fabrics and colours… fresh and modern….thank you for sharing the pattern…off to save it now. Happy stitching

  14. Absolutely LOVE the color combo, how graphic it is, how the black pops, and how good it would look in my guest room if you decide you really just can’t bear it any longer….

  15. I love this quilt and love the back as well. Mom you did great, we are always our worst critic, so feel good, your quilt makes me smile!

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