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Wow, I’ve been busy the last week or so! I’ve been sewing away on the Christmas Cactus quilt, having set a goal of 4 blocks a night. It sounds like more than it really is. I have all of my squares and half square triangles cut and stacked, and I divided the pattern into 100 nine patches. There are four of each one, so I lay out four blocks then chain piece them. It takes about an hour to do four blocks. I’m on block 17 (that’s 68 completed blocks) – only 8 (32 blocks) to go! Midway through I started questioning my fabric choices, particularly the light and dark greens. I’m afraid there isn’t enough contrast between them, so the pattern won’t be as clear. I mentioned it to my mom and she volunteered to make the quilt using just five fabrics – white, light green, dark green, red and pink. I’m making it with 2″ cut squares and she’s using 3″ cut squares, so hers will finish at a bed size while mine will be a large wall hanging. She’s catching up quickly, partly because – yes – I’ve started another project. I’m such a starter! This one is made from 30’s repros and is a simple nine patch alternating with snowball blocks, on point. It was inspired by this quilt. I’m using a greenish turquoise fabric for the background fabric. I’ve cut about half of the strips and the blocks should go together quickly. You may ask why I’ve started another quilt (besides the whole “I’m a starter” thing). Well, the current show at work is ending, and they asked if they could use my Sister’s Choice quilt for the next show. I said yes, but then volunteered to make another quilt that would be more appropriate for the time period. The show is A Wonderful Life (a musical based on the movie It’s a Wonderful Life), and it spans about 20 years from the mid 20’s to the mid 40’s. That just screams feedsacks to me. There’s no definite go ahead, but the show starts in ten days, so I’d rather get started and have it turned down, than have it accepted and try to finish it in five days.


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  1. I can’t wait to see how wonderful that Christmas Cactus quilt will be. I would love to attempt it someday.

    The nine block/snowball quilt is a great pattern too.

    It’s a Wonderful Life – my all time favorite Christmas movie. LOVE Jimmy Stewart!

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