Family Basket Quilt

Well, I just completely abandoned the blog here, didn’t I?! I don’t know if it was the holidays or just general busy-ness, but I need to do some catching up. Most of that will happen – you guessed it – later. More importantly, I’ve added several new basket blocks to the sidebar. Here are the new blocks:

Block 6
Block 6

Block 7
Block 7

Block 8
Block 8

And to make up for my lateness, here’s NEXT month’s block:

Block 9
Block 9

Also (you gotta love EQ6), here are some possible settings. Some have the patches and blocks outlined in black, but a couple don’t because the black lines made it difficult to see the pattern.

Quilt 2

Quilt 6

Quilt 14

Quilt 16

(The last three are all the same layout, but the color placement makes them look quite different.)

Quilt 7

Quilt 18

Quilt 17

Okay, gotta go – hopefully I’ll be back in less than three months!



  1. Hope must spring eternal in my breast because I still clicked on your blog in my “favorites” thinking, “just maybe…” and there was a new post!
    Glad you haven’t given up on all of us!

  2. When I try to open block 7 I get the pattern of block 6
    BTW I love these baskets so I hope you can place block 7 again. Thank you !

  3. Like Tricia, I have kept checking, so pleased all is ok. Baskets are great, and beautiful layouts. Too hard to pick which I like best.

  4. Nice baskets, Sandi and you have come up with some different designs for them. I particularly like the layout and borders in the second quilt from the top.

  5. I am enjoying this BOM. I have up through block 9, but am confused as to when the next block will be posted.

    thank you

  6. Thank you so much for sharing these, especially for all the work involved in drafting up finishing layouts. I love this project!!

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