Paper Pieced Heart Blocks

So now that I’m back to the blog, I noticed a new link to it from some people looking for heart blocks. Hmmm… Valentine’s Day is coming up! I happen to have foundations for paper pieced heart blocks on the right side of the page (scroll way down!). I thought I’d upload the photos so the links weren’t just descriptions, to make it easier to see. And, to make it even easier, I included the blocks at the bottom of this post. Click on a block for a PDF of the foundation for a 6″ finished heart. If you’ve never foundation pieced before, give it a try – it’s much easier than you might think. Here’s a tutorial for my favorite foundation piecing method, which uses freezer paper. The best part is, you can reuse your foundations several time (as many as 10, depending on the complexity of the block and how much you iron it). You can buy freezer paper in 8 1/2 x 11 sheets that will go through your printer – check your local craft or quilting store, or go online. You can also trace the block onto freezer paper, or use a “regular” paper piecing method where you tear out the paper after sewing through it. If you want blocks larger than 6″, you can enlarge the foundations with a copier. As long as you enlarge them CONSISTENTLY (use the same copier, same settings), it doesn’t matter what size they actually are, just that they are the same. If you want accurate 6″ finished blocks, be sure to check your settings when you print the block. In the Page Scaling box, make sure it says NONE, not Fit to Printable Area or Shrink to Printable Area.

Basic Heart Short Striped Heart Striped Heart Rays Heart Rail Fence Heart Log Cabin Heart Horizontal Heart Crazy Heart Braided Heart



  1. Thank you “sew” much, this is just what I was looking for before February! Also, my first PP project…wish me luck.

  2. Thank you, I have only done paper piecing once about 7 or 8 years ago, and never done it again. Will download your instructions and have another go.

  3. thank you! I needed a crazy pieced heart to make a small row of 4 that I can frame for my crazy sister’s birthday. I know my two other sisters will want one after they see it!

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