Buttercup’s Morning Workout

I had to share this video of Buttercup. She has a thing about glass surfaces, and she’ll do this for minutes at a time. She especially likes the patio doors, Mom’s mirrored closet doors, and the glass topped coffee table.

Listen for her huff about five seconds from the end. I just love that!


4 thoughts on “Buttercup’s Morning Workout

  1. LOL Buttercup is too cute. I have a cat that does something similar with a feather wand stuck in the couch cushions – I always get the impression his looks says “help me, I can’t stop myself from batting this”. Thanks for the smile.

  2. Zeb, my two year old son, just loved this video. He made me play it over and over while he giggled maniacally and made the sign for ‘kitty’.

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