Milwaukee-Madison Modern Quilt Guild

After taking a very deep breath and questioning whether it was wise to commit to something else when I haven’t been very good at following through on my existing commitments…

… I joined the brand new Milwaukee-Madison Modern Quilt Guild. I’m member number 10.

I’ve been seeing these Modern Quilt Guilds pop up all over the place – not just the country, but the WORLD. I think what’s so appealing about them is the emphasis on a more youthful style of quilting. I am a traditional quilter, and I love doing traditional piecing. But I also love the idea of a fresh, young, modern style, with fabrics that are a little out there.

Since this is a VERY new guild, I’m not sure how it’s going to play out, but I welcome the opportunity to learn from another type of quilter. My family quilting group is fantastic, and I learn so much from them as well – we have a range of experience levels and styles, especially color choices – but I’d love to try something new, too.

So, does anyone else in the southeastern – south central Wisconsin area want to come play? And if you’re not in the area, check out the main Modern Quilt Guild page and find one in your area – or start one yourself.


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  1. Oh, there’s a Modern Quilt Guild branch in the area now? That’s tempting. Like you, I’m a very traditional quilter, but I’ve been really attracted to some of the more modern quilts out there. Being a non-driver kind of puts a crimp in that though, lol. And of course, there’s the fact that I haven’t even gotten the guts up to go and join the Rock Valley Quilter’s Guild yet. Hmm.. oh, so tempting though.

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