Hard decision

My mom just took Amalthea to the vet. She won’t be coming back.


She is 20 or 21, and she’s had health problems for the past several years. We’ve battled bladder infections and failing kidneys. She barely weighs five pounds, despite all of the fluff. We’ve cooked hamburger and chicken for her (I’ve done it at 2 in the morning a couple of times because she was on the table, crying for food), opened five different cans of cat food hoping to find one she’ll eat. She hasn’t eaten much of anything for the last week, and she’s started peeing in the hallway again (we’ve been through THAT many times before, too). We decided that it’s time, but it’s the hardest damn decision. She’s alert, when she’s awake (about two hours a day). She’s affectionate. She’s comfortable when she’s asleep, thanks to the heated pad that Mom found for her just before Christmas. She can’t hear much, but the baby cats (now four years old) treat her with respect and affection.

It’s difficult to find the point where the negative outweighs the positive. I feel guilty giving up, even though the vet says we’ve gone beyond what most people do. But she’s twenty, and she’s not having a good life, and, well, we made the decision. Right or wrong.

Good bye, Miss Priss.



  1. I’ve had to make the same choice, it is never easy even when you know it is the right thing to do. She knows she was loved and she will be in your memories forever. Take care.

  2. Tears are flowing (at work) because when I read this it reminded me of my siamese “Boo”. Know that Malthea was loved and lived the most pampered of all pusses life! I still have the stuffed puss you gave me so many years ago when I had to make the same decision about Boo. It reminds me of the quirky ways of his personality and puts a smile on my face. My kids took turns dragging it through their childhood and it allowed me to tell them stories about him. Thank you Sandi!

  3. This is the moment all of us pet owners dread and one I’ll likely face soon with my own patchwork puss who has chronic lung disease. I’m so sorry that you’re going through this pain but am sure that Miss Priss would say “thank you for giving me such as wonderful life”.

  4. Oh! Poor kitty, and poor you! What a difficult decision!

    My sweet old lady cat is seventeen and still hanging on… although sleeping more and jumping less. It’s sad to think of the day when I will have to make the same hard decision….

    Your kitty was so loved, or you wouldn’t have done so much to keep her comfortable. Tonight will be so lonely without her!

    Oh, I am so sorry!

  5. Oh, I am so sorry! Unfortunately, this is the price for being loved by a four legged companion. One I’ve paid several times and know I will again. You were blessed with her companionship and love for a very long time. I’m sure she was pleased to be your companion.

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