Basket Block 11

We’re almost there – just one more basket to go! Here’s block 11 – the instructions are 2 pages long because I give two options for the “flowers” in the basket. One uses Y seams and the other uses half square triangle units. The HSTs are easier, but the Y seams really aren’t that bad. Give it a try if you feel like challenging yourself a little. As usual, click on the image below (or in the bar at the right) to download the PDF.

Block 11

Edit: The link now goes to the correct PDF, with the templates.



  1. I made mine using the second method, the non-Y seams approach, and it turned out great. It LOOKED like it would be hard to make, but with your good directions, it wasn’t. It is prolly my second favorite in your series.

    Getting a bit antsy for Block 12 . . . . Anything happening there?

    • I hit a wall with block 12 – I struggled with finding a good, easy method to manage the handle (it’s different from all of others), and I wrote up a pattern for Mom to test. It worked, but not well, so I just wasn’t comfortable putting it out there yet. Yesterday I received an email about paper piecing, and it hit me – THAT’s what I need to do with the handle! I’m updating the pattern tonight, and it will be on my blog before I go to bed. PROMISE.

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