Serendipity: good luck in discovering unexpected things

Yesterday was a good day. It was my birthday, and I love birthdays. A friend gave me a big bunch of springtime balloons, all pink and yellow and green and purple. Every time I looked up, I smiled. As it was also Administrative Professionals Week, my boss gave me a flower arrangement with pretty yellow and red tulips. Mom and I went out to eat (is it called going “out” if you eat at the same place you work?), and the meal was wonderful. I planned to use our birthday discount ($10 off on your birthday), but instead they comped out entire meal. Too bad I was too full to have dessert! Another friend was trying out new table decorations, so when Mom said she was going to JoAnn Fabrics I tagged along to see what might be available. When I arrived, Mom was already deep in conversation with two ladies and an employee – something about freezer paper. I joined in and discovered they were planning to make a wedding signature quilt, but they had no experience whatsoever with quilting. Score! I so love to tell people what to do help people. We chatted for quite a while and Mom and I offered to help them with the project. Melissa (the bride) wants a quilt made of pink, red and maybe some other bright 4″ squares, possibly with black sashing. The squares will be at her wedding so people can sign them (that’s where the freezer paper comes in), then her mom (Deborah) will sew them together into a quilt. When I got home I jumped on EQ6 (!!) and put together several options.

Black Sashing with Orange White Sashing with Orange No Sashing with Orange

Black Sashing with Aqua White Sashing with Aqua No Sashing with Aqua

Black Sashing White Sashing No Sashing

Today I’m off to see a cat show (it should be …interesting), visit my grandmother, have lunch with my cousin and then see the movie Hot Tub Time Machine. John Cusack! 1986! (It’s the year I graduated from high school.) What’s not to love?

Tomorrow I’m off to the second meeting of the Milwaukee-Madison Modern Quilt Guild, and we get to sew. Woohoo! Uh… oh, crap. What am I going to work on?! Too many options…



  1. Happy Birthday! Sounds like you had a wonderful day. I’d love to see what becomes of the bride’s signature quilt. My cousin has signature blocks from her baby shower (Faith is now 12) and wants me to help her make a quilt.

  2. Glad you had such a great birthday!-I don’t know how you get the energy to do all that you do…but I love reading about it all on your blog!

  3. Happy Birthday to you…..I recently quilted a “wedding quilt” where they had a large piece of muslin for everyone to sign and that became the back of the quilt with all the well wishes.

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