If you’re one of the eleven people left who do not read The Pioneer Woman, skip this post, or else click on over there and be converted. If you ARE familiar with her incredible blog, then do a happy dance with me – I was one of TWO winners out of over 38,000 entries! And I won a Kitchen Aid stand mixer!!! How cool is that?!?!!



  1. I don’t like you. I WANT one of those mixers that she tosses our way… Did you get the red one or the blue one?

    I get impatient waiting for four pages of comments to post to see my post but figure it would be worth it if I could spin it into a fancy mixer….

    • I chose the red one – it just looks so cheery! I can’t believe how many people post comments when she had giveaways!

  2. I came over from I’m a Ginger Monkey. Thank you so much for the block pattern I want to make one for my daughter. Congratulations on winning the mixer. I am jealous.

  3. You got my mixer!? Well, at least I’m glad it went to someone I follow! And the red one – that’s what I would have chosen! Congratulations!

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