I’ve spent the past thirty minutes watching my cats run, leap, climb, fall, chatter, squawk and knock over fabric piles while trying to catch one little fly. Rugen finally smacked it down with a paw and held it in place, then slooowly uncovered it and picked it up – still alive – in his mouth. He hopped down from the bookcase and carried it to the middle of the room, holding it delicately. Mustn’t kill the thing too soon! Buttercup ran over to watch as he spit it out between his paws, then quickly picked it back up when it buzzed. He jumped, but didn’t let go when it buzzed in his mouth. After playing with it for a couple of minutes – spit it out, bat it with the paw, pick it up again – he finally ate it. Now Buttercup is walking around the basement, meowing plaintively, hoping to find a snack of her own.


8 thoughts on “Flycatcher

  1. That’s funny…love cats…

    Thanks for your input on my quilt blocks! I checked out the tutorial on not wasting any fabric and I started it tonight 🙂 Can’t wait to get more done! Thanks again!!

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