Pat’s Hug Quilt

Here’s the Hug Quilt. We wanted it to be bright and cheerful, both because those are colors that Pat likes to work with and because the purpose of the quilt is to raise her spirits.

Pat's Hug Quilt

Everyone made a 15″ block, then we assembled them into the top. Mom and I each made one extra block and we all signed the arrow block. It’s called London Roads, but I like that it represents continuous movement. We have a few more signatures to get.

Me - London Roads

This is my other block, a pansy because it’s Pat’s favorite flower.

Me - Pansy

Mickey, all the way out in Bellingham,WA was the first to send her block. It’s called Grandmother’s Puzzle, but I made it a bit less puzzle-like when I sent her the instructions by using half square triangles.

Mickey - Grandmother's Puzzle

Of course the first finished block was Mom’s. She chose Sister’s Choice, of course.

Mom - Sister's Choice

Mom also made the last finished block. This one is called Red Cross.

Mom - Red Cross

Jean also made a Sister’s Choice block. When multiple people make blocks for the same quilt, they’re never all the same size. That’s where sashing and fudging come in, and the quilt went together really well. Jean’s was one of only three blocks that was EXACTLY 15 1/2″ square. Neither Mom nor I could claim that, either.

Jean - Sister's Choice

Karen chose the Grandma’s Favorite block. Notice that she happened to use the exact same pink fabric that Mom did in her Sister’s Choice?

Karen - Grandma's Favorite

Pat and Becky sent their blocks together. They both used the Beginner’s Delight pattern, but it was several viewings before Mom and I realized they were the same block. It’s amazing what a difference color choice makes!

Here’s Becky’s:

Becky - Beginner's Delight

And here’s Pat’s:

Pat - Beginner's Delight

Jeanne made a lovely Crown of Thorns block, although she had to take it apart a few times because the quilt gremlins kept rotating her HSTs. It became the subject of a WTF Wednesday on her blog, Grey Cat Quilts.

Jeanne - Crown of Thorns

Last but definitely not least are the other two “perfect” blocks. Lisa chose a block called either Missouri Delight or New Mexico, depending on who you ask:

Lisa - Missouri Puzzle or New Mexico

And Karrie delivered this nameless beauty:

Karrie - Unknown Name



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