You know I did, and now what do I do?

I did it. I picked out and rotated the four squares of the Christmas Cactus quilt. I WANT to be the kind of person who can let these things go, but I’m not. Thanks for your support! Now I just need to get the borders on (they’re auditioning on the floor now). I expect to finish the top today, and quilt it by next weekend.

The next potential projects include:

Category 1 – Just Quilt the Damn Thing

The First Erroneous Block That Needed to Be Rotated (And Since Has)


Baby Quilts for Little Girls that Have Little Brothers Already



Log Cabin Wall Hanging That No Longer Fits In Our House

Log Cabin Wallhanging

Challenge Project With the Error That Cannot Be Fixed Because I Have No More Fabric (But It’s Okay, I Kind of Like It This Way)

Challenge Quilt

Category 2 – I Thought I Was Finished, But…
Storm at Sea That Is Just Too Small After All of That Work, And Needs More Blocks Or a Pieced Border

Storm at Sea

Third Quilt Ever With Horribly Mismatched Seams, Which Needs Another Border (Or Two)

Bright quilt

Category 3 – Started and Abandoned

String Quilt That Just Needs Sashing

string blocks

Quilt For Work That Was Not Needed

30's Repro Blocks

Five Blocks of 12 For Our Basket BOM (I CAN count, but Rugen urped on one)

Basket Blocks

Family Star BOM – Ditto (Except the urp thing)
Family BOM Star 4 Family BOM Star 4A - Anxiety Family BOM Star 2 Family BOM Star 3 Family BOM Star 1

Category 4 – What The Hell, Start Something New

Mystery Quilt That Has Remained a Mystery Because I Screwed Up the Instructions

Mystery Quilt Fabrics

Christmas Gift That Doesn’t Even Have Fabric Pulled (It’s okay, though, because Mom is going to make this one – I just need to choose fabric and write the instructions)

Lilly's Quilt



  1. any time you are putting borders on a quilt, think of framing a picture with mats…that helps your proportions. if you quilt can support a pieced or decorative border that that!

  2. I am so impressed with your patience — to take apart the quilt and put it back together is incredible. I don’t think I have the fortitude.

    • I have to admit, I didn’t take it all apart. I picked out the seams around the individual square, turned it, then sewed each seam back in. It went pretty quickly – I’d guess about 10 minutes per square.

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