Am I nuts?!

Jeanne, Karrie and I are talking about making a Dear Jane quilt. SERIOUSLY talking about it. I have the Dear Jane software from Electric Quilt, so I’ve been messing around with colors. I know I want to make it out of solids, and I know I want a pale, silvery gray for the background. I know the name will be Plain Jane. I know that, while I love Kona, it may be too thick to make little 4 1/2″ blocks. I checked out Connecting Threads solids (um, Hi Jeanne, guess what came in last night!) and the weight seems to be perfect, plus they have the perfect light gray. Unfortunately, while the range of colors is awesome, they don’t have the exact colors I want. Why, now that I want soft, grayed out colors, can’t I find them anywhere?

This is the look I think I’m going for:

Plain Jane 1

So, are we nuts?



  1. Yes, you’re nuts. But I love the Plain Jane idea! I do think the Konas will be a bit heavy for those tiny pieces though. I’m emailing you a pic of my latest WIP, all in tonals – maybe that would be an avenue for you instead of straight solids?

  2. my heart just skipped a beat when I saw your mock up….oh my….we are seriously going to do this aren’t we? LOL!

    I need to rack my brain and come up with an idea…you and Jeannie are already all set…


    Love your idea on the use of solids. Have you thought more on increasing the block size to accommodate Kona? 🙂

  3. I love your soft color palette and I think solids or TOTs fit very well with the feel of your Plain Jane. Its very romantic and reminds me of a time when life was slower. Will you do the quilt all by hand? Seems like a good “long-haul” project. Please keep us blog followers posted as you progress.

  4. After leaving my comment I went back for a second look and just discovered the Trip Around the World color plan. Very clever. Have you checked out Jinny Beyer’s website for fabrics. You might find the colors you’re looking for there in her Palette collections. I think the weight might be okay for tiny pieces but if you find colors you like you might want to just order a fq first.

  5. You may be nuts, but there are a lot of worse things to be than that. Your color selection is beautiful. Is each block going to be made from a different fabric? It would definitely be a long term project, but it would be worth it.

  6. Of course you are nuts. But what a great way to go. I guess we will be seeing this quilt process for a long time, huh?

  7. Yes you are nuts, but why be different from all of us! I like how you have catagorized your projects! Right now I’m on the What the hell, start something new! project. Love the layout of the colors, very nice. If you find your work needs some zip, you can always add in tone on tones for some variety. It’s your quilt, do what makes you happy. And yes, fixing the Cactus block would have made me happy too!

  8. Kona isn’t too thick for DJ, I have been using it as the background on my own which I started in CW repros (am really rethinking that). I’m only nine or so blocks in, so now is the time if I’m going to change my mind. Your idea of solids sounds lovely, though I agree with Sharon, you may want to throw some tone-on-tones in or it could look a little flat.

  9. Lovely idea, and one all of us nuts out here in loggyland would like to follow.

    So do you think the Connecting Threads are too thin to use for other projects (when you have bigger blocks say 8″)?

    • No, Deborah, I think the Connecting Threads fabric is great for any project! I just felt that Kona might be too bulky for my 5″ Dear Jane blocks.

  10. Oh my gosh a plain jane would be just wonderful. I am wondering about one day making a BIG Jane – choosing a selection of blocks and making a version with 12″ blocks – we’ll see, maybe I will, maybe I won’t!

  11. Oh now that is hilarious, I have come here from your email and was about to comment when I see the previous commenter was me saying pretty much the same thing I am about to say! – I am like a broken record!

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