The horror…

I enjoy Halloween. I haven’t been able to dress up the past several years, but when I get the opportunity, I go all out. One year I was Flo, the Truck Stop Diner Waitress. Another I was an accident victim, complete with tire tracks on my back and gory makeup. I also like helping others with their costumes – I dressed up my Dad as Frankenstein’s monster one year (he won a contest) and back in junior high I made up my brother and his friend as cats, using a magazine ad for the “new” musical as a guide. (Yes, dating myself!) So when my brother asked me this year for some suggestions, I looked for ideas online (I’m not original, just dedicated) and passed on some ideas. His choice:

Chick Magnet Mugshot 3

Meet my brother…

Chick Magnet Mugshot 1


Chick Magnet Mugshot 4

… the Chick Magnet.


3 thoughts on “The horror…

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