Coin Toss in progress

I’m working on a new quilt – very simple, nothing fancy, just something to put on my bed because, would you believe, I don’t actually have a quilt for my bed? Oh, I throw the Sister’s Choice quilt on it, but that’s a twin size quilt and I have a full size bed, so it doesn’t quite do the job. You know, keeping in the heat from the electric blanket. See, I keep the door closed all day because I have a cat who occasionally pees on the bed. This means the bedroom is about 55 degrees (no exaggeration – I checked the temp of a bottle of water I left in my room overnight). So, electric blanket.

Coin Toss in progress

Anyway, this quilt is inspired by a photo I saw on Flickr, which was inspired by a pattern by Rachel Griffith of p.s. i quilt that was published in the July/August 2010 issue of Quiltmaker magazine. That quilt is called Coin Collecting – since mine is made from a pile of scraps and I’m working on it on the day of the Superbowl, I’m calling mine Coin Toss.

Coin Toss pieces

Here’s what I hope it will look like:

Coin Toss

Of course, after I started it I realized I don’t have enough of the light gray solid, so I’ll be placing a Connecting Threads order today.

In other news, I have a few more Dear Jane blocks finished. At 3 per week, it’s going to be slow progress, but at least I’m progressing. I need to redo the last one in the second row – I made a mistake, tore it apart, sewed it back together, then trimmed it wrong again. I need to do it over rather than just pull the outer pieces off because my iron was set too high and I scorched the fabric. Still, I’m counting it as half a block finished.

Dear Jane blocks week 3

Finally, one week before our next Stitch & Bitch, I’m getting around to showing some photos from January’s sewing day. Here’s a quilt top Mom made for my cousin’s new baby. It’s based on a Moda Bake Shop pattern, although we didn’t really look at the instructions, just the photo.

Pinwheel baby quilt

It has since been finished and delivered to it’s recipient. The photo doesn’t do it justice – it’s really a beautiful little quilt.

Pat is our most prolific quilter, and she had two for show and tell. One is based on Karrie’s Crushed Diamonds tutorial:

Pat's Crushed Diamonds quilt

(Really, she only looks demonic. Actually she’s very nice. A lot little crazy, but nice.)

And the other is a gorgeous black and white top that I can’t wait to see finished.

Pat's black & white quilt

Okay, back to the Coin Toss!



  1. Wow, your Coin Toss will be beautiful! I love what you’re doing with it.
    BTW, I did finally start my Christmas Cactus; I won’t be able to post anything until it’s gifted in March but I’m having a grand time with it!

  2. i meant to comment on your solids blocks (the Dear Jane blocks) when i was over for the meeting. they are lovely. your photo in this post doesn’t give a sense of scale. i am really impressed with how small they are and how perfect your points and corners are.

  3. Hi Sandi, glad I found you. I was at Loose Threads yesterday getting more material. Gave Mary Kay your correct email. I am working on Lazy Hourglass (thanks for correcting spelling) should have ready for you to do your magic next week, maybe even this week. Also have another thats in my head, and soon to be transformed into fabric. I am so glad MK gave me your name.

  4. Please help. I have found inspiration from your coin toss quilt. How big are your finished blocks? Do you have any other pattern help you would be willing to share?

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