Giveaway Winner

Congratulations to the giveaway winner – Beth @ Wandering Minstrel!

I had a lot of wonderful entries and I’m so glad this decision was made by the Random Number Generator. If I’d had to chose based on stories told, I’d still be deciding. As it is, I was surprised to learn that I’ve actually met the winner! Funny how my last giveaways went to Canada and France, and this one is going 20 miles away. Beth, I’ll contact you to make arrangements for receiving your new UFO!

Baby Thistle Quilt



  1. OH, WOW! This is exciting! *happy dances*

    Here I decided to check around online one more time before heading to bed, and I’m so tickled to find out I’ve got a lovely project to finish! I only hope I can do it justice…

    Thank you, so much!

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