Cow and Baskets

A blogging friend, Nancy Near Philadelphia, is collecting blocks for a COW quilt. I live in Wisconsin, the Dairy State, Cheesehead Central, so of course I had to participate. She asked what I wanted in return, and at first I was going to say nothing, but then I remembered that she’d participated in the Basket Block of the Month, and had even created an extra, thirteenth basket. What could be more perfect than a Nancy Basket block from Nancy herself? She sent this beautiful block made from French General fabrics. I love the subtlety of the small basket within the larger one.

Nancy's Basket Block

I knew right away that I wanted to foundation piece the block, so I looked for patterns. Unfortunately the only one I found wasn’t quite what I was looking for. Next step – find a photo to copy! I saved several photos and finally chose this one. I opened it in EQ7 as a tracing image and then started drawing straight lines to divide it up into paper-pieceable sections. While I love the way the cow looks, if I make it again I’ll try to refine the sections a bit so it isn’t as choppy. Here’s the finished block:

Blue Cow

Actually, that’s not quite what I sent to Nancy. See, I trimmed it after I took this photo and accidentally chopped too much off one side. In order to make it 12 1/2″ I had to sew a strip of white on three sides. Believe me, there was much forehead-smacking. I also forgot to sign it, which she clearly requested and I clearly knew, as evidenced by the post it note on my computer. More forehead-smacking.

I love this guy’s face! In fact, I’m planning on making four more in various colors (and slightly larger) and turning it into an Andy Warhol-inspired wall quilt. Something like this:

Cow Quilt

Thanks, Nancy, for the inspiration!

If anyone is interested in making this block, you can download it from my Patterns page.


17 thoughts on “Cow and Baskets

  1. Wow! I dabble in quilting every so often – and am completely blown away by this! I would love to be this good πŸ™‚ And as the wall quilt, it will be FAB!

    Sam x

  2. Oh, that is just the best! I want them. I need them. I had a pet calf when I was little that we fed with a bottle. We’d stand on the back porch and call her at feeding time & she’d step through the fence and walk right to the porch. Unfortunately, she grew up.

  3. I love the cow pattern you chose! I’ve never come across a close up face shot. How can I get a copy of this pattern?

  4. I too like the idea of the basket within a basket. How unique. At my first quick glance, I noticed the pretty fabrics but not the basket within. Lots of possibilities with that pattern.

  5. Thank you for sharing your cow pattern. I have always been afraid of foundation paper piecing but recently did a class with a great teacher (Chris Jurd) and am now a little more confident. I think I might try to make a purple cow to add to my herd of appliqued cow blocks which will eventually end up in a lap quilt.

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