Why I’ve been on hiatus

I’m sorry that I’ve left the Skill Builder Series hanging for a month, but personal stuff has had to take precedence. My aunt Pat, who is one of the Stitch & Bitch ladies, has been battling cancer for nearly a year. You may remember the hug quilt the group made for her:

Pat's Hug Quilt

Sadly, Pat’s health took a turn for the worse and she passed away on Friday. I’ll be back to the blog before too long, but for now I’m just taking time to be with my family.


19 thoughts on “Why I’ve been on hiatus

  1. Sandi, I am very sorry for your loss. Judging from the exceptional generosity you show in your blog, I am sure you brought your aunt a lot of happiness and comfort, and I hope you and your family find comfort now.

  2. I just discovered your blog in the last few days and must say, your “Skill Builder Series” is an extraordinary resource- you must, and should, be so proud of what you’ve created.

    I’m so sorry to hear about your recent loss, and I wish you all the best through this difficult time.

  3. I’m sorry for your loss, Sandi. I am sure she got a lot of comfort from that pretty quilt. Thoughts and prayers for you in this sad time.

  4. Sandi,

    Thank you for leaving me a message on my blog. I tried to respond but it appears that you are a “no reply blogger” so I decided to visit your site instead. Your advice was just the thing I needed to hear…that little bit about the aqua…that last palette was just missing something.

    I hope you will accept my condolences on the passing of Aunt Pat. I too had an Aunt Pat who also passed away from cancer four years ago…and I was just looking at pictures of her this weekend thinking of how much she meant to me and mine.

    Take care of you and thank you for your advice! I think I will going with that last palette for the Dead Simple QAL after all!

    Rebecca Lynne

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