Gratuitous cat photos

We interrupt this blog for some gratuitous cat photos. Buttercup and Ru (especially Ru) have a thing about sleeping on my desk chair. There are a dozen other soft surfaces in the basement, but more often than not I’ll have to roust Ru from the chair when I want to use the computer or my sewing machine. Lately, however, they’ve been sharing the space.

Cat Nap 2 Cat Nap 1 This last photo is a bit crass – I mean, who takes a picture of their cat using the litter box? But Ru is just so funny, I had to share. He’s a long, tall cat, and regular litter boxes just didn’t work because he tended to pee over the side. A friend told me about using a plastic tote, so we gave it a try. We actually nest a smaller tote inside a slightly larger one, for cleaning reasons. This creates a little ledge inside, which both cats use to stay out of the litter as much as possible when “covering.” It’s pretty funny to see a cat stretched over the box, balancing on the corners, trying not to fall in, while it scrapes at the litter below. Buttercup barely touches the litter – she scrapes the plastic – or the wall – instead. This ledge is also what Ru uses to pee standing up.

Standing Up

What a goof. Look at the concentration on that face!


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