TYSS: Bowtie fillers

Ready for the next filler block? It’s a super easy one – even easier than the Nine Patch. You’ll need to make just two of this block, and it finishes at 4″ (4 1/2″ unfinished). If you are using the “white and bright” illustration as a fabric placement guideline, the Bowtie blocks are orange. You may choose to make both Bowties from the same fabric, or make them from two different fabrics.

Bowtie Assembly

Bowties are essentially a four patch, but two of the patches have one little corner sewn on them. It’s done just like we did with the Snowball units.

Cut (4) 2 1/2" background squares
Cut (4) 2 1/2" block squares
Cut (4) 1 1/2" block squares

If you'd like, draw a diagonal line on the back of the 1" squares for your sewing line. Place one 1 1/2" square on one corner of each background square.

Sew just to the outside of the sewing line. If you did not draw lines, sew corner to corner, slightly to the outside.

Repeat with the other three squares.

Trim 1/4" outside the line and press the corner flat.

Lay out your squares in a four patch as shown below.

When you flip the right half over on the left half, you may notice that the corner piece isn’t quite perfect. Line up the squares according to the larger pieces and either trim the excess corner fabric, or just be aware that you’ll use the background fabric as your guide line.

Press to the block fabric. Place the two halves right sides together, nesting the seam allowances and pinning if you prefer, and sew. Press, and simple as that you have two Bowtie blocks!

Coming this weekend – I pontificate on the Log Cabin block and uploads both a Skill Builder Series post (that is in the running for longest post ever) and a Test Your Skills Sampler post. Oh, the excitement!



  1. Oh I have wanted to do this block for awhile! Yay! Sandi, thanks for such clear instructions. Also, the book you featured a few posts ago? I meant to leave a comment about it…I just got it! I feel like I am back in design class in college…very cool. Thanks for the book review!

  2. Last night I worked on some blocks for the first time that use the bowtie technique. After several frustratingly wonky, mis-sized blocks I figured out that I needed to sew a little to the outside of that drawn line! Wish I’d read your post sooner!

  3. Did the blocks this morning! I love them and will use them again in some future project. The instructions are so easy to follow. Thanks Sandi

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