Organization blitz

As I mentioned a few weeks (?!!) ago, a group of us purchased a nearly new Viking Mega Quilt 18-8 on a 10 foot frame. It resides in our basement, which meant we needed to do a little rearranging. Fortunately there wasn’t a lot to move; unfortunately the one thing that had to move was a 4 foot x 8 foot bookshelf that held most of my fabric.

Mom had the bright idea of refolding all of my fabric. Yes, it sounds like busy work, but they way I had been folding it didn’t allow for the best view of the fabric while it was on the shelf, so it was harder to find things. Mom and her sister, Mickey, spent most of a day folding while I pulled fabrics off the shelves, re-sorted what they folded, moved the shelf, and put it all back on. Don’t feel too badly for them – they did it in front of the TV watching a football game.

Moving the bookcase required moving couple of smaller pieces as well. The great re-fold had a new rule – nothing less than half a yard went back on the shelves. I folded the remaining fabric and sorted that as well (okay, MOST of it – I lost steam in the last few days). All of this organizing prompted me to pull out all of my scraps (formerly stuffed into three big wire baskets) and sort that as well.

We have quilting day today, so the last few bits need to be put away, but I’m feeling pretty good about the state of the basement. I’m fortunate that we have such a fantastic space for sewing. Mom’s sewing room is upstairs, and the basement is my domain. My computer and TV are down here as well as my sewing space.

However, with just a tiny bit left to do in the basement, what do I do instead?


Yes, I sat down at the computer and became so disgusted with the keyboard:

That I popped off all of the keys, put them in a lingerie bag, and threw them in the dishwasher.

I vacuumed the keyboard then attacked it with Q-tips, a paper towel and rubbing alcohol. It was truly disgusting. Now that it’s all back together, I feel like I have a new keyboard again. If you decide to do this, it’s a good idea to take a picture of the keyboard first!

After the keyboard was cleaned out, I went back to the final straightening up in the basement. I am pleased to announce that everything was put away where it belongs, not just crammed into a tote and thrown in the back room. There’s a real satisfaction to knowing that.

More photos to come!



  1. I have a much smaller space but tidying and rearranging my fabric and room is the first thing I am going to do after xmas. Yes, even sort out all my scraps that I have not looked at for years!

  2. LOL, isn’t that the way it goes – organize one space, and you itch to do some more. I haven’t yet set up the sewing room in the new place (horrors!), but I will now have the room to set up a better system for my stash (one entire WALL of this room is closet, and the room is 16 x 13) as well as room for a future machine quilting set up.

    I still greatly envy yours, though!

  3. I never have thought of popping the keys off the keyboard. Mine is black and doesn’t show dirt but it does get dusty in between.
    I have been working in the sewing room off and on all day trying to re-organize. It still isn’t done. Just too much stuff!

  4. Good for you. I was soooo scared you were going to say that the letter had came off each of the keys lol…whew, that would have really sucked! Sorry its just sometime when I jump into something it kinda bites me:( Glad that didn’t happen to you. Sarah

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