We interrupt this blog for an important message

Okay, I had a little chuckle over that title. I mean, it’s an interruption of an interruption, really.

Anyway, a new-ish reader (and recent winner of a drawing that I did finally send out over a month late – bad Sandi!), is half of a nifty duo whose blog I’ve been following as well. abigail*ryan offers a beautiful line of textiles and homewares – items crafted from cotton and linen, decorated with the most delicious line drawings of flowers. Today they announced a limited edition run of 200 pale pink tea-towels to raise money for Breast Cancer Care.

I’m not suggesting you buy the tea towels because abigail*ryan will donate a portion of the proceeds to a good cause. I’m suggesting you buy the tea towels because they’re gorgeous! And then you can pat yourself on the back for supporting a great cause.

Photo shamelessly borrowed from the abigail*ryan blog

abigail*ryan is based in Belfast, Northern Ireland, but they ship internationally. I’ve been lusting after the towels for months now, and I finally broke down (a bit of overtime pay in my pocket certainly helps!) and placed my order.

Check it out!


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