Another cool thing I found in a blog

I just happened upon the coolest thing I seen yet for organizing and coordinating solids. You may be fortunate enough to have a Kona Color Card (they’re awesome!!), but you can also build your own reference “deck” with fabrics you own or with purchased charm packs. Check out this post on the blog Thought and Found.

She used heavy card paper to create her own templates and she’s giving away a set of the cards. She also provides a link to a PDF file you can purchase – be sure to check it out, because her price is really reasonable considering they list not only the name, number and manufacturer of the color, but a little color chip as a reference guide. You have to print them and attach your own fabric swatches, of course. She points out a couple of key advantages to this method – larger swatches, and the ability to place swatches next to one another to see how they look together.

You’ve seen my stash, you know how I looove to organize, so you can imagine how excited I am about this idea.

P.S. – I am 43 years old. Yes, I use the word “cool.” Just be thankful I didn’t call it “bitchin'” or “like, totally awesome.” That’s my era.



  1. I have an aunt who insists on describing music as “bangin’ tunes” without a hint of irony…I cringe every single time! I’ll happily admit, though, that i’m definitely of the “cool” camp- these “rads” and “bitchins” and “beasts” and such are all just a flash in the pan…it’s good old reliable “cool” for me 😉

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