Forward momentum

I have four half-written posts waiting to be finished and posted. One is a Skill Builder, which will be posted by next weekend (Foundation Piecing). Another is a Test Your Skills Sampler block, which will be posted shortly after the Foundation Piecing Skill Builder because I wanted to offer foundation piecing as an alternate method for that block. Two are about projects I’ve completed (!!).

Instead, I offer this photo:

Double Wedding Ring on design wall

Yes, I started working on the Double Wedding Ring again. I finally figured out what works for me for curved piecing, and since – FOR ME – it is completely pin-less, I made a lot of progress this weekend. I have to make 16 more footballs, which will take about an hour. The top row is completely assembled and the second row is mostly assembled, but needs to be attached to the top row. I got that far then decided I needed to lay it all out to be sure the distribution of fabrics looked good. I’m pretty happy with it so far. I’ve had a few “let it go” moments, and some seam intersections don’t line up as neatly as I’d like, but I’m trying to take a deep breath and move on.

I cut this using the Accuquilt Go Double Wedding Ring dies, and I have mixed feelings about it. On the one hand, it’s very fast to cut and the little notches make it easy to line up the pieces. On the other, it just doesn’t go together well once you start assembling the footballs. Most (though not all) Double Wedding Ring templates have corner pieces with curved edges, but this one uses squares. I do a pretty good job with my quarter inch seams, and yet the footballs (aka melons) have, without exception, turned out either ruffly or with a puffy center. We also had trouble with one of the dies bending during the cutting process. It was replaced by the vendor, but the second die bent in the exact same place. I still think the AccuQuilt Go is a great tool for certain applications, but it’s far from perfect.

Anyway, I’m hoping to finish the top in the next couple of weeks. As long as the forward momentum continues, that’s a strong possibility.

I’ve also made very slight progress on the Dear Jane quilt. I completed three blocks – simple blocks, and they were cut out several months ago, but progress is progress.

Plain Jane blocks

In case you don’t remember, this is what it will eventually look like. (Whether it’s finished in my lifetime is another question.)

And for the gratuitous cat photo, here’s Buttercup sleeping on top of the entertainment center. When the fireplace is on, she goes to high ground and then melts into a boneless puddle. I couldn’t actually see anything but her ears because she’s so high up. I held the camera up and took several blind shots to get this:

Buttercup on the entertainment center



  1. Love your DWR – it’s looking great! Sorry to hear you’ve had issues with the way the pieces cut and align, etc. but I’m glad you persevered! And Buttercup looks as though she has a very hard life *wink*

  2. I taught a Double Wedding Ring class quite a few years ago. My friend took the class but had not completed her quilt. I was at her home on Saturday and she had it spread out on the pool table. I knew she kept the project. She is a bit frustrated with getting the cornerstones together the way she wants them to look. We used Shar Jorgensen templates.

  3. So glad to hear that TYSS will be back in action again soon! Your DWR is fantastic Sandi. and I sure found pinless sewing to be the best for me when doing a Drunkard’s Path quilt. The DWR looks a bit of a challenge for me though! Buttercup looks soooo content!

  4. The DWR is so impressive — bummer that the Accuquilt pieces aren’t behaving as well as they could. But that is going to be one amazing quilt.

  5. Gorgeous! This is going to be great. I’m pretty new to curved piecing but I haven’t quite figured out the pinless piecing yet. I’d love to get that skill down though.

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