Piecing pinless curves

I played a bit tonight to see if I could create a video of how I piece curves without pins. There are dozens, maybe hundreds of other videos out there, but I did it anyway. It was quite entertaining, and I’m pleased with the result (except for how I sound – I don’t lisp. Not that there’s anything wrong with having a lisp, but something went funky with the sound on this and my S’s sound thtrange.) Here’s the video:

So the funny part is, I managed this all by myself. Think about it – how do you hold a camera to record a video, and use both hands for the demonstration? Answer: You find the last remaining wire coat hanger in the house and bend it into an odd shape that both fits over your head so it hangs around your neck AND holds the camera in exactly the right position. Well, I’m nothing if not resourceful. I also created a YouTube account and uploaded a video for the first time. Isn’t that… thpecial?



  1. Oh my! Oh wow! You made that look fairly easy!

    I haven’t sewn curves in more than 10 years and that was for clothing. I have not yet been game enough to try piecing curves! Perhaps, with your help, I might – one day!

  2. This was a great video! I want to do a DWR but I’m afraid of the curves. You made it look so easy. Thank you for sharing, I’m bookmarking this! I can’t believe you haven’t done a video before, it was perfectly aimed!

  3. Wow – thanks for sharing – you make it look easy! I’m sure with practice it will be – very cool.

  4. great video! i was just chatting with a friend the other day about a video i saw about pinless curves and couldn’t find the video… i just found a new one!

  5. I know you posted this almost 6 months ago but it is THE BEST tutorial I have ever seen on sewing curves without using a special foot which I almost bought but now won’t. Thank you so very much.

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