A Grown Up Kind of Pretty

It’s that time again, time to tell everyone about the release of my favorite author’s latest book. I think Joshilyn Jackson is the only author I’ve ever written about on this blog, other than quilting book authors.

Seriously, go get this book. (Click on the image above to read about it.) It’s available for Kindle for just $12.99, or you can do like I did and order an autographed copy AND buy the Kindle version. Because I want to read it NOW and I want a hardcover to add to the collection on the shelf.


6 thoughts on “A Grown Up Kind of Pretty

  1. Well, I had to foolishly laugh at myself when I first read your post! Looking at the book cover, I thought it was a sewing book! However, I do love a good mystery book, so I’ll check it out at the library! Thanks for the recommend.

  2. Is this book part of a series or a standalone novel? I’ve been looking for ideas of books to get with the audible subscription (audiobooks) that i got for my birthday.

    • It is a stand alone book. I listened to another of her books, The Girl Who Stopped Swimming, through Audible and loved it. The author reads it herself – but she has a theater background so that’s a good thing!

  3. I’m late to the party, since I’ve been on the road … but you’ll undoubtedly be delighted to know that JJ is also a delightful human being and a pleasure to work with. She’s done a couple of readings at the library I used to work for, and she was awesome to work with. Plus, she showed a photo of me in zombie garb near Between, Georgia … reading a copy of Between, Georgia.

    There was a reason for this. Honest. 🙂

    • I can’t remember why I wanted to read The Girl Who Stopped Swimming but I did and really enjoyed it. Thanks for the suggestion and I will add it to my reading list.

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