Liftoff is complete

Liftoff Quilt

And I am so proud.

Mom bound it in 8 hours and 15 minutes. I’m pleased with how the quilting looks now that I’ve stepped back from it. The quilting is essentially invisible since I only quilted in the black areas, with black thread. There are a number of spots where you see the thread travelling across the corner of a colored triangle, but from five feet away they’re unnoticeable. I tried taking pictures of the quilting, but it’s just too difficult to see.

In other news, I bought a new camera yesterday! I’ve been struggling with my old one, and I had nearly $100 in Staples rewards, plus a 20% off coupon, so I picked up this camera for just $48 and change.

It’s nothing fancy, but it’s a big step up from the old camera. One feature I know I’ll be using a lot is the black & white setting. Now I don’t even have to take a picture of the fabrics to see values – I can just set it to black & white and look at the view screen. Much faster!

Now I have to make a case for it. I took it to work today in a sock.



  1. I was enamored with your quilt design and am madly in love with the finished quilt. You and your Mom should pat each other on the back – it is beautiful! Good job on the camera bargin also.

  2. I can’t describe how much I love this quilt! Wish I could see the quilting on it, but I know it’s probably near impossible to capture in a photo. Is this your original design? It’s just stunning!

  3. The quilt turn out beautiful!!! I know it is for a raffle for ill family member, have you concern selling tickets on your blog?

  4. Your quilt is stunning! I love the colour blocking and the movement in your placement of the blocks. Job well doned!

  5. What a gorgeous quilt! This is the first time I have ever been moved to comment on a quilt! I love how you have taken traditional block designs and made a very modern quilt.

  6. I’m glad you’ve made peace with the quilting! The top is just so eye-catching I don’t think anyone will notice little things like threads travelling across corners of triangles!

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