The sock has been retired

I made a case for my new camera this weekend, so the sock (yes, Melinda, it was a white tube sock) I was carrying it around in has been retired. What? I didn’t want to scratch the screen. The sock worked.

Now, however, I have this lovely padded bag instead.

Camera Bag front flap

The design is shamelessly borrowed from a bag I saw on Etsy, except, you know, that one looks better. And mine has 1/2″ thick foam between the bag and lining.

Camera bag other side

Like the zipper pull tab? It's a little padlock.

It went together pretty easily for the most part, but at 2:00 Sunday morning, when I realized the lining wouldn’t work as is and I’d forgotten to put the lower piece of the front closure in the seam, I decided to go to bed and try again in the morning.

Good decision.

Camera Bag side

The lighter colored trim is the back side of the denim fabric.

I foolishly used a fat quarter for the lining and had just barely enough for the flap, inside of the front pocket, and strap. When I realized I had to make the lining larger at the top so I could sew it to the outside of the bag, I had to use a different fabric. That’s why the gray on the sides.

Camera Bag inside

Still, I’m pretty happy with it. It’s thickly padded and closes fairly securely. There’s a generous pocket on the front for spare batteries and SD cards, and the strap can be doubled to be shorter.

Camera Bag front

If I were going to make it again, I’d put a zipper in the top as well, and I’d make it a tiny bit smaller, but all in all I’m quite pleased with it.

Now I just need to learn how to use the camera…


7 thoughts on “The sock has been retired

  1. Really? The one on Etsy looks better than this? I don’t think so!

    Throwing in the towel and heading to bed is almost always the right thing to do. Great job!

    BTW, I’m still singing “Honeycomb”!

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