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Yes, it’s the design I showed in the recent post. Yes, I know it looks like an asterisk. But someone’s already done an asterisk quilt along, so it’s the Ironwork* Quilt Along (asterisk included because I think it’s mildly funny).  It only takes three people mentioning that they’d like to make it to prompt me to do this. I’m easy. Fortunately, so is this quilt! Any quilter, even the most beginner, can complete this quilt.

The block design was taken directly from the iron window coverings from a building constructed in the 1930s, so the name is appropriate. There may be another Ironwork quilt coming about soon, though, because I came across this photo and was inspired to draw it up in EQ7. One thing at a time…

Here’s a button (all Quilt Along’s must have buttons):

Ironwork* Quilt Along
<div align="center"><a href=" " title="Ironwork* Quilt Along" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="Ironwork* Quilt Along" style="border:none;" /></a></div>

Okay, on to the important stuff. The Ironwork* quilt can be made in two sizes: approximately 85″ square (216 cm, good for a full/queen bed) or approximately 40″ square(102 cm). We’ll accomplish this by changing the size of the blocks. In the small quilt, the LARGE blocks will finish at 9 1/2″ and the small blocks will finish at 4 1/2″. In the large quilt, the SMALL blocks will finish at 9 1/2″ and the large blocks will finish at 20″.

This should be a fairly quick quilt, regardless of the size you choose. I’m making one of each just to be sure I get it right for the QAL! I’ll be working on the quilts this weekend, so expect the first of the instructions Saturday evening.

Yardage Requirements:

Large Version (85″ square)
“Iron” fabric (black in the illustration): 2 1/2 yards
EQ7 said 4 yards, but I calculated it and 2 1/2 should be enough.

FIVE different background fabrics: 1 1/4 yard of each.
It is important that these have 42″ selvage to selvage of usable fabric. You will use almost every scrap. If it’s less than 42″ wide you may need additional yardage. One of the fabrics will use within 2″ of the full 1 1/4 yard. Since yardage can come off the bolt crooked, resulting in a little loss, you might want 1 1/2 yard of one fabric.

Small Version (40″ square)
“Iron” fabric (black in the illustration): 1 1/4 yard

FIVE different background fabrics: 1 fat quarter of each.
It is important that these be FULL fat quarters that measure 18″ x 22″ of usable fabric. You will use almost every scrap. If it’s less than 18″ (well, 17 1/2″) you may have trouble making it fit. If you’re doing this from yardage instead of fat quarters, you need 1/2 yard of each (1/4 yard cuts will not work).

So, who’s with me on this?! Grab the button, grab some fabric, and get ready to sew! Photos can be shared in my (very, very small) Flickr group, Piecemeal Quilts Projects.



  1. I think I’d love to join you. Your design appealed to me the first time you showed us the different colorways. This morning we had our last class in the quilting class I took (and still have my top to finish *cough* )
    I’m looking for a next project and this could be very well be the first quilt I will be making on my own… or well almost on my own hehe. Have a question though.. will email you!

  2. Okay, I love this one. I have been avoiding all quiltalongs but this one is calling my name……darn!

    Time to see what fabric I have on hand and see if I can make from stash….

  3. I’m in! I just ordered some solids from Connecting Threads, and hopefully they’ll arrive fast. Planning to make one in the second colorway you showed when you were first playing around with the idea. Thanks for doing a QAL on this!

  4. I was so happy when you said you would do a QAL for this! I’m all in too. My be delayed as I need to order fabric and it takes forever to come through customs here! Love the little homage to the asterisk, Sandi!

  5. I’ll be joining in this one as I showed the pattern to my son and he likes it. He’s been needing a new quilt for his new house!

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