Sew into Solids

Sew into Solids

Jane at Sew Create It and Katherine at Sew Me Something Good are doing a Sew Into Solids Quilt Along. It’s very informal – choose your own pattern and your own colors, just do it in solids. They have a Flickr pool for you to share your projects, and they’re making inspirational posts on both of their blogs as they progress through their own solids projects.

Now, you KNOW I don’t need to be doing something else, since I’m struggling with my own QAL commitments already, but the small Ironwork* quilt I’m working on is, conveniently, made entirely from solids! Here’s the colorway I’m working on:

Logo Color 5

It is TOTALLY not my color palette – in fact, of all of the EQ7 mock ups I created, it’s the one I was least drawn to. However, it’s also the most masculine, which is good because the large version I’m doing is in floral prints. You don’t get much more feminine than that. I wanted to stretch a bit, and I’m enjoying working with the colors so far. I have all of the mustard blocks done, and am working on the blue and brown blocks now.

Hop on over to Jane and Katherine’s blogs and join in if you’re doing a solid Ironwork* quilt or are looking for inspiration for another solid quilt!


2 thoughts on “Sew into Solids

  1. Hi Sandi,

    First time to your blog and oh, how glad I am to have found you! I love your Ironwork quilt and am excited to find that it’s a quilt along. Wow! It looks amazing and shows off solids beautifully. Would you be okay with me linking your quilt along?

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