Vintage quilts

I’ve had a series of busy weekends lately. Sunday found Mom and I visiting some family friends, people I thought of as my second family when I was growing up. Just before we left, Mary took us upstairs to show the changes they’d made to the house and I spotted a quilt on a rack behind a bed. She pulled it out and told us it was about 100 years old. At first glance, I never would have guessed it was that old. The fabrics were vibrant and the color choices are in keeping with today’s popular choices.

100 Year Old Quilt

When you get closer, you can see that some of the fabrics have disintegrated, probably because the dyes were caustic.

100 Year Old Quilt, Worn

The quilting was done by hand, and the stitches are tiny and incredibly even.

Hand quilting

Mary pulled out another quilt to show us, a signature quilt that was made for her grandmother. Again, the fabrics are vibrant and current…

100 Year Old Signature Quilt

…and then you see that the blocks are dated 1907 – 1909!

100 Year Old Signature Quilt

She also showed us a WIP that is about 75 years old. Her mother pieced it when she was just 16 years old! This Grandmother’s Flower Garden was hand pieced in traditional 30’s fabrics, probably from feedsacks.

75 Year Old GFG Quilt Top

In addition to the portion of the top that is assembled, there are a couple dozen completed blocks and some green yardage. She always wanted to finish it, but never found the time.

75 Year Old GFG Blocks



  1. The quilts have been well cared for over the years to still have such nice color. I am glad you had your camera to take photos.

  2. Gorgeous quilts! Did I glimpse the wheels in your head turning with ideas?? Did you offer to finish the Garden Flower quilt!!

  3. So beautiful – and in many ways, so modern! Everything old is new again!

    And I’m reminded again about all the things I have in progress; I must do some finishing before I start another project!

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