Ironwork* QAL: Part 2 (Addendum)

I have part 3 nearly ready to go, but I need to  share a little extra info (plus a recommendation).

Recommendation: Be very, very careful cutting your small quilt from fat quarters. Twice I’ve lined everything up and started cutting, only to realize that I’m cutting the wrong direction. It really does matter if you’re cutting the 18″ side or the 20+” side.

I have not sewn all of my blocks yet, but either I’m not following my own instructions very well or I accidentally used extra fabric left over from my first  experiment piecing the smallest blocks. You *may* have an extra block or two. But better too many than too few!

Here’s what you should have when all of your blocks are sewn and your plain sections are cut:

Color A Color B Color C Color D Color E
1 large block 1 large block 1 large block 1 large block 1 large block
3 small blocks 2 small blocks 2 small blocks 2 small blocks 2 small blocks
0 large squares 1 large square 1 large square 1 large square 1 large square
2 rectangles 0 rectangles 0 rectangles 1 rectangle 0 rectangles
3 small squares 2 small squares 3 small squares 1 small square 2 small squares

Any questions so far? Please let me know! I’ll be gone this weekend on a quilty road trip, so I may not get back to you until Monday. And, because a blog post just isn’t as fun without a picture or two, here are some more colorways (I surfed my Color Palettes board on Pinterest):

Logo Color 17 Logo Color 16
Logo Color 15 Logo Color 18
Logo Color 14 Logo Color 13
Logo Color 12 Logo Color 11

I just can’t get enough of coloring this! If you are curious about how a particular color palette would look in this design, leave me a comment with a link to the color palette, and I’ll pop it in EQ7 for you.


Thank you for sharing your thoughts! I try to reply to every comment, but sometimes it takes a few days. And sometimes, well... it has been known to drop off the radar. I'm easily distracted by shiny things.

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