I love my EQ7 because…

First, if you haven’t read the comments on the giveaway post, do! Such wonderful stories of first time quilts, design challenges, families and friends who want to win to give it to someone else. Remember, the giveaway is open until June 15, so tell your friends! Comments must be left on the giveaway post, here.

Meanwhile, here’s the first reason I love EQ7:


Laura 10

And this:

Criss Cross 1

Are exactly the same quilt – the only difference is fabric. And it took about 1 minute to turn one into the other.

The ability to recolor a quilt quickly is probably the function I use the most.



  1. Yes! It’s amazing how you can make a totally new quilt design with the colors and a few basic blocks. Would be lovely to use to preview ideas and decide if that color design is what I want.

    • This isn’t good! I have a bunch of leftover blue, green 5 inch squares from a quilt I made with one of your patterns, and now seeing this one I want to make it! Stop the creativity! 😉

  2. Your killing me with all the designs you can make with EQ – If I don’t win I’ll surely be putting this on my wish list!!

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