New toy

No, it isn’t a quilty toy, but I’m loving it just the same. My computer is ancient by technology standards – about 6 years old, maybe more. I’ve been thinking about getting a laptop, but couldn’t justify the cost, when simply adding RAM to the old one should fix most of the issues I’ve been having. It would be nice to be portable, but I don’t NEED it. And really, do I need to haul a laptop around with me everywhere? Because you know I totally would do that. Then I thought about a netbook – smaller, still functional for most of what I do, but again, do I want to drop a few hundred bucks on something too small to be truly productive?

I’d about given up the idea when my aunt showed up on Sunday and asked for help laptop shopping. She doesn’t need anything fancy, but the netbook she’d been using was just too small for her to see easily. Certainly, I’d help! And what was she going to do with her old netbook? Sell it! Would she sell it to me?


See my new toy? Now that I’ve figured out how to turn off the mouse pad so I can type without jumping all over the place when I accidentally touch it with my thumbs, I love it! The only down side is that I had to cut my fingernails short. Now I just have to figure out how to put EQ7 on it.

Of course, the first thing I had to do was make a sleeve for it. This morning, 6:00 a.m., I started working on it and had it done in a little over an hour.

Netbook case

The only thing I’d change is the Velcro – I wish I’d used a longer piece, so the corners don’t stick out.

Netbook in case

Outer fabric is by Pillow and Maxfield for Michael Miller Fabrics, Pattern # DC-4094 Large Whimsy Doozie, inner fabric is Alexander Henry (that’s all I have).



  1. Oh you lucky girl….its a win win situation, I love that fabric, I bought it just cause…lol

  2. What fun! I got to play with DD and SIL’s iPad on Monday afternoon – I want one for sitting in the warm living room on cold winter afternoons so I can still having access to the ‘net! My computer is in my sewing room which is cold after about 1pm and freezing by about 3pm!

  3. Hiya, I just got an Acer like yours about 8 months ago, I love it !!! The only problem I had was the letter H would not show up unless I really clicked it well, and I could not see my whole blog , other than that it is great !!

  4. New toys are awesome! And the pouch looks great! I’ve been trying to decide what to do about my computer situation, as I’m going to need to make some changes but keep putting off actual decision-making. Ah well.

  5. Pop your EQ7 install disc into your main computer and copy over the installation files to a flash drive. You’ll be able to install from the flash drive.

    To turn off the touchpad, you may need to enter the BIOS, because that setting is generally not accessible from the desktop. I’d walk you through it here, but each computer is a little different.

    • I should have known that “tech support” would know what to do about EQ7! I did find the function key that shuts off the touchpad – on this one it’s FN-F7, and on my aunt’s new laptop it’s FN-F9. There’s a little diagram on my F7 key, and my aunt’s laptop brings up a series of pictures on the screen when you hold down the Function (Fn) key.

  6. What a great laptop sleeve! A friend of mine just gifted me with his old, brand new to me laptop. I’ve been thinking that I should make a case for it. I might just use your idea!

  7. looks great!!

    to prevent the corners from sticking out- you don’t need longer velcro, just use a pot lid to round those corner off and they will lay flat 🙂 just sharing from personal experience

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