Reason #2 I love EQ

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EQ7 comes with a lot of blocks already in the block library, and if you purchase the BlockBase software you can add even more. Nothing like having thousands of blocks at your fingertips! But even better than that, it’s super easy to draw your own blocks, like this one:


This is the Anxiety block I designed a few years ago. Sure, it’s possible to do it with graph paper and a pencil, but in EQ it’s even easier. It took about five minutes to design this block, and that includes the “creating” part as well as the tech part.



  1. Love that block.. might just have to have a go at drafting it on graph paper

  2. Love that block!
    You are making me want the EQ software even more!

    I have a big favor to ask though…I would like to make a simple 12 inch finished feathered star, but can’t find any patterns for a feathered star that size — maybe the triangles would just be too small to work with and that is why there aren’t any patterns. If it is super easy on EQ and you have the time or desire could you send me the cutting measurements for a 12 inch feathered star?

  3. I am so tempted by EQ7. Need to do a bit more research on running it on a Mac with virtual pc though.

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