Any left-handed quilters out there?

I’m a lefty, which I’m sure confuses some people when I show photos of me cutting fabric. If there are any other lefties out there, check out the Ergo Rotary Cutter – LEFT handed version (black handle).

Ergo Cutters

I love mine. If you’re interested, right now it’s on sale at Connecting Threads for 40% off. The right handed version is only 20% off. Go LEFTIES!

Unfortunately, Connecting Threads does not ship outside the US and Canada.



  1. Wow…didn’t know that there was a rotary cutter for lefties…thanks for the tip, I might have to try it. I usually just move the blade on my Olfa cutters to the other side, so it works better for me. Seeing you cut fabric with your left-hand would be wonderful…it just looks wrong when I see a right-hander cutting! Thanks.

    • Yep meee! I would be interested to know if I can buy one of these somewhere in the UK…. I’ll have to have a google later

  2. Yep, I’m a leftie. I have become very good at switching things around in my brain so I am happy with your demonstrations being left handed. I use a left handed rotary cutter but get very frustrated with the back to front rulers.

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